Reappointment of Mr. N.K. Maini

May 2023

Intimation of Board Meeting-23-05-2023

Intimation of Credit Rating Withdrawal

Outcome of Board Meeting-23-05-2023

April 2023

Intimation of Board Meeting-19-04-2023

Outcome of Board Meeting-19-04-2023

March 2023

Resignation of Director Sumrin Das

Intimation for Credit Rating withdrawal

Intimation of Board Meeting-17-03-2023

Outcome of Board Meeting-17-03-2023

January 2023

Intimation of Board Meeting-12-01-23

November 2022

Intimation of Board Meeting-11-11-22

Outcome of Board Meeting-11-11-22

October 2022

Appointment of Ms Arpita Pal Aggarwal as Independent Director

August 2022

Intimation of Board Meeting-12-08-2022

Outcome of Board Meeting-12-08-2022

May 2022

Intimation of Board Meeting-26-05-22

Outcome of Board Meeting-26-05-22

February 2022

Intimation of Board Meeting-13-02-2022

Outcome of Board Meeting-13-02-2022