What is SwitchPe?

SwitchPe is a supply chain finance platform aimed at micro and small enterprises. Powered by the RBI-registered Non-Banking Financial Company, Aye Finance, SwitchPe is positioned to become an innovative and powerful tool to bring small businesses into the new-age of commerce.

We offer what small businesses in India need – access to credit lines, instant and seamless connectivity to the best-priced suppliers in town, an ever-increasing variety of products, and most importantly – a chance to grow rapidly and confidently in the transforming Indian marketplace.

SwitchPe provides unsecured, non-collateralized credit lines to shop owners in a sleek and modern platform – to connect with the best priced suppliers – closest to their shop. Our intuitive user interface helps shop owners explore the marketplace, reach out to distributors, repay monthly bills (partially or in full), all in a single platform. What’s more, shop owners also earn cashbacks on every full repayment!

Features and Benefits

  • No joining fees
  • 14 days of free credit (0.08% per day interest from 15th day onwards)
  • No foreclosure charges, interest is paid only on the number of days limit is being utilized


  • The applicant must be the Business Owner

Fees and Charges

  • Convenience charge: INR 100 from year 2 (will be included in the monthly bill of the 13th month)
  • Limit enhancement charge: INR 50
  • Bounce charge: INR 300
  • Late Payment Charges: INR 10 per day
  • Cash Collection charges: INR 100