Namaste!  Welcome to the world of Aye Finance. I am Sanjay Sharma, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Aye Finance.

Aye provides working capital loans to micro enterprises and in doing so, creates a transformative social impact. Over 60 million small and micro businesses in India face a huge obstacle to their progress – lack of access to formal banking system and capital. Many of them are in unorganized sectors, do not maintain detailed business accounts, do not have any credit history and loan needs are often very small. Formal credit providers have shunned them because it is not easy to underwrite these loans.

Aye has picked up the gauntlet to break this vicious cycle. As the conventional data sets are not available, we have solved for this by using a method that relies on using the unique patterns of an industry cluster. The insight about the operational ratios of specific industry clusters, supplement our time-tested data science models. Our ability in underwriting these ‘edge’ cases where little formal data exists, differentiates us in our markets.

Our strength goes beyond just cutting-edge technology. For serving the unique clientele we need a ‘high tech, high touch’ approach. We have a large team spread across the country, that takes inspiration from our vision of being an admired lender for micro scale enterprises in India. This young, innovative, and determined team has helped us reimagine and expand the boundaries of possibilities. Our employees have consistently placed us on the leader board for great places to work in independent studies. I am grateful to this team and consider it a privilege to lead them.

We are certain that we do not want to be merely recognised for what we have done, but how we have done it. We are ever guided by our core values of Innovation, Trustworthiness, Customer Commitment, Social Impact and Being the Best.

This means that we will not hesitate to explore and experiment, we will always be honest and worthy of customers’ trust, we will keep customer at the centre of all that we do, we will never stop learning or coaching our colleagues and we will always strive to make a difference to the communities we serve. Above all we will stay humble and grateful.

I have seen Aye grow and help so many micro business owners in a multitude of ways. We have provided loans to over 8,67,800 businesses across India. We have gone beyond being a lender and helped these businesses in market development, quality management and financial competence. Thanks to this all-round approach, we have seen positive social impact in cross sectional studies done to evaluate the impact on our customers.

Thanks for stopping by to explore our website. I hope that as you get to know about our business, our people and our customers, you will begin to see why we put so much effort into what we do and why we love what we do.

Sanjay Sharma
Managing Director