About the Social Audit Report

The social audit was conducted to assess our Social Performance Management (SPM) using the universally established SPI4 assessment methodology. This audit was conducted by CERISE- a French non-profit that has pioneered the use of SPM for delivering ethical finance.

The Social Performance Management Report of Aye Finance provides an in-depth analysis of Aye’s internal processes and policies as well as a baseline report on impact study of Aye loans on its customers’ businesses and their lives. On the SPI4 audit, Aye has scored 82% while the average audit score of 272 organizations, as per CERISE database, is 64%. On each of the 6 dimensions of the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management (USSPM), Aye’s score is higher than the average benchmark. Aye’s score of 100% on the dimension “Balance social and financial performance” reflects Aye’s double bottom line focus, ensuring sustainability (financial performance) to be able to continue serving MSMEs and creating benefits in the business owners’ lives (social performance).

In the SPI 4 Social Audit, Aye has an overall score of 82%, while the average audit score of 272 organizations in CERISE database is 64%

The Six Dimensions Of Managing Social Performance

Define and monitor79%
social goals

Strategy that defines the institution’s social goals, and how the institution will measure its actual progress toward those goals.

Commitment to 59%
social goals

Practices that an institution can put in place to ensure that its Board Members, Management, and all employees are committed and accountable to the institution’s social goals.

Design products that88%
meet clients’ needs

The various ways that institutions can gather information on clients’ needs and preferences and adapt their products and services accordingly.

Treat clients84%

Practices which makes sure that clients are not harmed by over-indebtedness and ensure transparency, fair and respectful treatment of clients, maintaining privacy of client data, and mechanisms to resolve client complaints.

Treat employees81%

How an institution can create a fair, safe, and supportive working environment, and how it can provide employees with the information they need to succeed in their jobs.

Balance financial and 100%
social performance

Includes decision making around key financial topics e.g., growth targets, profit targets and allocation, selection of financing sources, remuneration of employees, that are also crucial to maintaining a client focus.

Overall,88% of the participants reported being highly satisfied with
improvements in their business after availing the loan from Aye Finance.
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Aye is committed to transforming microenterprise lending in India and is bringing about a transformative social impact by addressing the disparity in economic privileges of this excluded sector. We have a partnership with Agents for Impact, for assessment of our sustainability performance using AFISAR© (Agents for Impact Sustainability Alignment Rating) tool. Aye Finance was rated B+ for the financial year 2020, indicating that we are well aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our operations are considered sustainable at both institutional and portfolio levels.