Where most banks turn their back, AYE Finance takes pride in providing unparalleled service, easily dealing with:

  • Informal or loosely defined business documentation.
  • No prior credit repayment history
  • Very short working capital cycles
  • Seasonality of funding specific to each industry

Our Method

Every industry has a unique need, a unique challenge. Our Industry Cluster Enterprise (ICE) methodology delivers deeper insights specific to the numerous industries that we service

Our methodology stands upon three robust pillars of innovation in Credit, Technology and Analytics.

Credit Appraisal

  • Honed to estimate our client’s willingness & ability to repay. Traceability of our client is also measured
  • An ingenious methodology that de-layers credit risks based on components of probability and impact of a default
  • Industry specific Input-Output parameters with specified tolerance levels
  • Products that secure our loans through a variety of business collateral


  • Automation focus on low cost delivery and controls
  • Online integration with credit bureaus and business reference validations
  • Comprehensive systems to measure and increase sales productivity
  • Systems with metrics to optimize TAT(Turn Around Time)


  • Analysis of credit habits and seasonal swings in business
  • Data analytics of financial, behavioral and psychometric parameters
  • Industry specific early warning triggers
  • Credit Scoring for new and repeat business customers